Saturday, November 01, 2014

Windsor mayor pleads with Catholics to save Assumption Church

Mayor Eddie Francis pleads to save Assumption Church" (CBN News, October 31, 2014):
The final mass at Windsor's Assumption Church takes place this weekend.

The historic west-side place of worship will be closed after that, because it needs millions of dollars in repairs.

Outgoing Mayor Eddie Francis has written a letter, encouraging the Catholic diocese to review its decision.

"I cannot imagine what the City of Windsor would be like if we were to lose one of the most significant historical icons in the city," Francis wrote.

The parish was originally founded as a mission in 1728 and is the oldest parish west of Montreal. The current Assumption Church is also Canada's oldest church west of Montreal.

The church will close Nov. 3. The parish will relocate to Holy Name of Mary church on nearby McEwan Avenue.

The current church, the fourth Assumption church, was built in 1842 with additions completed in 1925.

It is now in need of approximately $15 million worth of repairs.

The Diocese of London announced on its Facebook page in August that the church would close.

The diocese has indicated discussions about fundraising will continue.

In his letter, Francis reminds the diocese that the city has committed $250,000 toward restoration efforts.

"We encourage you to review the decision to close this vital and vibrant Church; a Parish Church that has enriched and nourished the lives or parishioners for generations," Francis writes.

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