Friday, November 21, 2014

Pharaoh speaks: so let it be written, so let it be done

Defying both the Congress and the voting booth, Pharaoh Ramses Obola issued an amnesty decree that will provide an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants with the exact benefits Congress rejected, in violation of federal law. No matter: Pharaoh is confident that he can count on the predictable indifference of the majority of his subjects. Are they naive enough to think Pharaoh is motivated by compassion? Pharaoh, the baby-killer? Pharaoh, who buys the complicity of African-Americans with baubles and cell phones and allows them to sink yet deeper into poverty? Yes, of course: the happy-clappy self-congratulatory "enlightened" people who elected him.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

He is stil a relatively young man and so his post-POTUS life will be very busy - writing several more autobiographies (he has written only two so far) and delivering speeches to Goldman Sachs (Drop one nation under God and begin the pledge I Goldman Sachs.. for scores of thousands of dollars each speech as he is rewarded for his tyranny.

Joe Sobran wrote this quite some time ago but it is apt here;

Anon. II said...

Or, in an unprecedented move that was once declined by George Washington, he may be coronated King of America.