Friday, November 14, 2014

Clarity from the CDF

"Four Days After Synod Closes, CDF responds officially: NO COMMUNION FOR "REMARRIED" DIVORCEES WHO LIVE AS IF THEY WERE MARRIED, PERIOD. - Full text - " (Rorate Caeli, November 14, 2014).


Anonymous said...

What clarity?

Have you ever heard of the "rules" being published in an accessible manner regarding living as "brother and sister"? How is this decided? By what, moral theological, method of analysis?

How does one "decide" that they can live as "brother and sister", when they were the one who abandoned their marriage.

Or when they had their children of adultery, to show the world that they were never married to their first spouse?

Does this not, somehow, offend justice, rather irreversibly or nearly so?

How can one remain with their lover, for the good of their children of adultery? What about their marital vows?

How can living as "brother and sister" not do damage to all the obligations to the "real" marriage?

Or to their children from their "real" marriage, in some cases who are forced to accept a "new "parent?

Does it all boil down to sex?

If so, then why are their other reasons for a marriage being null, other than lack of consummation, since only sex seems to be worth excluding, to the "brother and sister"?

Why does the Catholic Church not openly speak about how people can live together with their lover, when their abandoned spouse may still be living, as well as their children?

Does God really accept this because of "the keys"?

I am done with the Catholic Church, in terms of sacraments and respect for any clergy. They have reduced marriage to abstaining from sex with your lover, in my book.

If so, perhaps it is time I told God to shove off as well.

I have never been given answers in over 25 years of having questions.

Then, I have to hear Ed Peter's bad mouthing the automatic appeal of a first instance finding of nullity?

It was that appeal, that resulted in the public joke and spectacle of our first instance decision in America, being overturned in Rome. in our case?

This is frivolous? Not necessary?

I guess Dr. Peters is correct though, because I was closed out from our children's sacraments in favor of the lover and the "couple" have always been welcomed, as a "couple" in every diocese they have ever lived! After all, are there any canonical sanctions for unjust divorce, or adultery or the endless crimes that divorce entails when it is not wanted by a faithful spouse?

Oh, yes, I forgot...the lovers should not receive communion....unless they live as "brother and sister", then all the wrong...magically disappears along with moratl and venial sin, becaseu they have been forgiven, even as they leave behind .....

For those of us abandoned spouses, there is no room in the Catholic Church. And, increasingly there is a wholesome welcome to those who have destroyed our lives and in some cases destroyed our chidlrens lives, their childrens lives and our relationships with them.


It is a cesspool of open injustice, sacrilege and blasphemy.

I have NO clarity. With all due respect, you are sadly mistaken.

My unrepentant wife and her lover are welcomed in Francis' Catholic Church. I am excess baggage. like soiled underware or worse.

I do not expect a reply. Nor do I really want one. There are no answers for me any longer. I just put this out there as thoughts from a Catholic who no longer stands with the Church, or perhaps even with Jesus Christ, any longer?

I really do not know.

I am, mostly, sorry that I was raised as a Catholic and pretty sorry that I am cursed with still being alive. I am waiting for death.

Francis and all those who do not openly condemn him are partnering to make life unbearable for pieces of human excrement, like myself!

Pertinacious Papist said...

Hello, friend.

You've been an intermittent commenter on my posts for some time -- years, in fact. It goes without saying that you still feel hurt. In fact, sad to say, you sound bitter.

My mother used to tell me that the only way to cut free of bondage to bitterness when I was seriously injured in personal relationships was to forgive.

Yeah, I know you've heard that before; but it's still true. Forgiveness doesn't mean having to FEEL GOOD about those who have wronged you. It means making a mental act (maybe even an audible verbal act) of telling God that that you are forgiving this person or those persons. Then you've got to stop nursing these feelings of bitterness.

Yes, I know there's a certain PLEASURE in entertaining righteous indignation where it's just. But there's a point beyond which it will eat your heart out.

For all the problems that may exist in the Catholic Church, THAT problem -- the one I'm talking about here -- isn't one. THAT problem is an interior one that you will have to work out between you and God; and it sure sounds like you had better get down to business in short order, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but no thanks.

BenYachov said...

We will pray for you Anon.