Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lisa Ling's "Called to the Collar," featuring our own seminarians

Many of you may find this video interesting, featuring a notable exception to the lamentable declining number of priestly vocations: in the Diocese of Lansing, there has been a consistently high number of vocations over recent years, with the seminarians coming through Sacred Heart Major Seminary and going on be ordained in their home diocese. Some inspiring stories here about some men "close the the heart," as they say at Sacred Heart; like Fr. Todd and Fr. Gary, the identical twins who both heard the call to the priesthood but initially kept it a secret from each other.

Watch their answers to Lisa Ling. Some are notably clever, sometimes amusing, Ling's questions during the interviews often seem perfectly positioned to invite a teachable moment. There's even a shot of Ling having a beer with our seminarians inside O'Berg's, the seminary pub.

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Scott Woltze said...

Bishop Boyea of Lansing is a remarkable man. I remember he once filled in at St. Josaphat's at the 9:30 am Traditional Latin Mass. There was no big to-do or special occasion, just a priest saying the old mass on a Sunday.