Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Post-op results: Deo gratias!

I just returned from my post-op appointment to have my eye patch removed and meet with my surgeon to examine the results of the procedure. I am delighted to report that as soon as the patch came off, I could see with perfect clarity. Even without my glasses: 20/20 vision with no obstructions. I couldn't be more grateful.

Some who have had this or other procedures warned that there could be considerable post-operative pain, capable of being managed only with narcotics. Happily, I experienced absolutely no pain -- nothing requiring even a Tylenol. The only minor discomfort was occasional unscratchable itching beneath the eye patch, which, thankfully, is gone today.

I want to heartily thank all of you who have offered prayers and intercessions on my behalf. No prayer goes unanswered, no matter what results one may have; but I am pleased that God in His mercy was willing to indulge me, yet again, with this undeserved blessing. Thank you, one and all.

For anyone interested in the gory details of the procedure, HERE is a video of the same procedure being performed. Don't lose your appetite over it!

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