Saturday, November 08, 2014

Fr. Z: "Liberal media ‘Lord of the Flies’ dance begins over Card. Burke’s reassignment"

The liberal Lord of the Flies dance has begun with the appointment of Card. Burke to the Knights of Malta.

What better way to see what the extreme Left is doing than to see how HuffPo provides us with AP’s report:

AP – not exactly Catholic friendly unless its hard-left liberal – is what all the local outlets will pick up. Watch for the distortions.

This is an exercise in yellow journalism.
See for yourself over at Fr. Z's Blog.

In another post, Fr. Z comments:
His Eminence Raymond Card. Burke is now Patron of the Knights of Malta. This is not the usual way of doing things, as it has been pointed out before. First, the position is usually saved for a Cardinal who is in the twilight of his career… although during this pontificate this may still be true. Keep in mind that, since His Eminence is pretty young for a Cardinal, in the next pontificate, another Pope could snap his fingers and make Burke Prefect of a Congregation. Second, now that Card. Burke is no longer the Prefect of a Dicastery, he is far freer to act and to speak than he was before. So far as I know, the Cardinal has retained, for now, his appointments to certain Congregations.

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