Sunday, November 23, 2014

Prayer request

Please pray for my Japanese "sister," Noriko, who is suffering from cancer, undergoing radical chemo therapy and expecting surgery thereafter. She is the sister of my deceased adopted Japanese brother, Yoshiro ("Thomas"), whom we met for the first time during my sabbatical in Japan last September, with her brother and other sister.

There is no Christian faith in her family background. Like most Japanese, their lives are largely secularized, with bits of Buddhism and Shintoism in their ancestry. I see an opportunity for God's grace here, and I've told her and her family that we will be praying for her healing. Please of your kindness, assist me in these intercessions.


ellen said...

I will pray (started already) for your sister. Chemo is much better now than it was a few years ago. I was warned that I would be very sick, but it wasn't too bad. I hope your sister can find a mentor who has experience with the same kind of cancer. I found that very helpful. My chemo destroyed my immunity and my mentor warned me about that and said to be hyper-vigilant about infection, for instance. I am now in remission, by the grace of God.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Thank you, Ellen!