Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Latin Massers "... scurrying around like ecclesiastical scavengers ..."

From Christine Le Niles on Facebook (May 19, 2014):
Knock-out homily by Father Justin Wylie yesterday, speaking at Holy Innocents, on the upcoming closing of the only parish in the diocese that offers a regular TLM: "New York no longer appears, in my view, a very felicitous place for Traditional Catholics....

Yes, the archdiocese *tolerates* the Traditional Latin Mass here...but responsibility for the TLM rests only on the responsibility of the laity who have to source priests hither and thither as though they were still living in Reformation England or Cromwellian Ireland. Isn't it HIGH TIME for the archdiocese to take pastoral responsibility also for these sheep? Do they not deserve a shepherd, a parish, some sense of juridical security?

BASTA! This is deplorable. This is an exclusionary injustice, which should be the attention of the Cardinal.

Why are you scurrying around like ecclesiastical scavengers, hoping for a scrap or two to fall from the table for your existence?... Whatever happens to Holy will accept it with obedience--but you do need to bring to [Cdl. Dolan's] attention an elemental fact: You belong to the Church as fully as any other community.... No good shepherd would dispossess you of your home without providing for your shelter. No longer should you be squatters, dear friends...nor should you be turned out as if you were squatters.

By all means, shepherds have to make difficult decisions about the erection and suppression of parishes, and in all of this, we owe them our obedience and our charity. But never shall they open the sheepfold and watch the dispersion of the sheep in a world full of wolves. Charity is a TWO-WAY street."

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Please also see what Fr. John Zuhlsdorf says about this:
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Dad29 said...

While Abp. of Milwaukee, H.E. Dolan granted a church to the ICK for the EF Mass. They now have 500+ attending two Sunday Masses.

There are (perhaps) three other regularly scheduled weekly EF Masses in the entire Archdiocese, all of them (like the above one) on its eastern border.

It cannot be said that H.E. Dolan is a fan of the EF. He tolerated it.