Friday, May 09, 2014

Jesus in Mormonism

Trent Horn, "Evangelizing Mormons" (Catholic Answers, May 8, 2014), has an insightful remark in a conversation with a Mormon:
“You guys said in your presentation that Jesus is our “eldest brother.” You see, I believe that Jesus is my Lord and God and that he is co-equal and co-eternal with the Father. You believe, in contrast, that the Father created Jesus and so you don’t pray to Jesus. I love being a Christian and I would miss my relationship with Jesus if I joined the Mormon Church.” The young men had never heard this particular objection before and promised to study the issue in further detail.

[Hat tip to JM]

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James Joseph said...

When I lived in rural Utah this was a common objection.

One could turn on the FM radio on Sunday morning and hear reminders 'Not to pray to Jesus'.

It seems this is a 'problem'.

The other best one is the Bible quote, "There is nothing in man's heart but deceit." That one works exceedingly well and usually knocks them off kilter.