Wednesday, May 07, 2014


[Advisory: Rules 7-9]:

"Crazy-Eyed V2 Visions (Part 2d)" (Heresy Hunter, November 28, 2013):
This is not to overlook those promising statements and actions of Francis, when unambiguously orthodox, connecting to the past and Tradition, albeit rare, of which I believe he must be supported... cautiously, thanks expressed... prudently, prayers for him always. This issue does not question fidelity to the Holy Father, which goes without mention. Nonetheless, Orthodoxy must be the norm, not an anomaly, although the latter is undoubtedly preponderant. The direction to which he is leading seems to be encapsulated in this phrase: "make a mess" - a term, it can be argued, pointing toward reform and amelioration, yet at the same time unsettling because it also denotes recklessness and chaos. Positive and negative intertwined. Which is it? The evidence demonstrates skewing toward the latter, confusion, disorientation. If you get caught with your hand in the Modernist cookie jar, after telling pro-lifers they are "obsessed", or smearing Rosary bead counters as "Pelagians", then do some damage control. Throw a few bones to placate those antediluvian "triumphalists", making sure to incite a strong emotional reaction, then add a dash of more confusion into the mix. Talk about the Devil to counteract the inherent relativism of "Each of us has a vision of good and of evil". Say you are going to consecrate the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the World. [Was that a slip?] Yet, when the appointed day comes, don't even invoke the "Immaculate Heart", leave out "World" from the text, transform the "consecration" into a generalized, almost innocuous, "entrustment".[7] Forbid the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate from continuing to celebrate the Latin Mass,[8] but show a manufactured empathy, albeit obliquely, for those annoying "restorationists" by celebrating Mass versus Deum. Say "the Church is not an NGO", but then handpick a Cardinal Advisor, Óscar Maradiaga (member of the "Gang of 8"), who proclaims that the Church's "foremost goal is to care for the penultimate (hunger, housing, clothing, shoes, health, education)... a spirit of service to humanity".[9] Back and forth, back and forth, keep them guessing, hodgepodge it, get someone to compile an Apostolic Exhortation, pleasing this faction over here with a little of this, flinging bird seed over there for a little of that. Pretend you're on a fishing expedition by throwing your nets far and wide, beyond the principled limits set by the Magisterium. Because, ladies and gentlemen, the name of the game is Moving Target, and the first person to pounce on any detractor of this charade wins the prize of Establishment Church endorsement .... Topping it all off, kiss a ailing man whose entire epidermis is plagued by boils.[10] Get a close-up photograph, make it graphic. That will hit the presses, it'll be a smash and, you Professional Catholics, make sure no mention is made of past pontiffs who performed similar gestures, unlucky in the sense of these acts not being captured on film nor of living in an age of split-second information availability. Then everyone is overwhelmed with joy, the tears flow, omnipresent smiles, cartwheels in the Piazza, an unchallengeable awesomeness of personality, of groundbreaking humility. Our new, humble pope: "I have the humility and ambition to want to do something"???!!! [11] Then everyone will forget those statements beforehand causing distress, then all will be sunshine and lollipops. Not really...

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