Friday, May 23, 2014

Even Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna praises Conchita Wurst

So reads a large headline in the major German periodical, "Sogar Wiens Kardinal lobt Conchita Wurst" (Die Welt, May 14, 2014). "Because who doesn’t like a colorful hairy Wiener?" (FideCogiActio, May 21, 2014), as Cogitator declares.

And, after all, in contrast to the parade of distinctly intolerant attitudes displayed in Moscow, Cardinal Schönborn insists, "Tolerance is an important issue" (Toleranz ist ein wichtiges Thema). Of course. (Though I always thought that to "tolerate" something implied that it was an evil. Perhaps I was wrong.)

More translation, with inline commentary by Cogitator:
The 69-year-old Viennese cardinal explained that, as far as gender identity goes, he finds it a wonderful idea how the Creator made humans as man and woman. [I'm sure God is tickled by such flattery.] Out of this polarity and bivalent completion arises attraction, a “striving-towards-one-another”, as well as a “struggling-with-one-another”. In the context of creation, this is God’s most fascinating idea. This fascinating idea is also incarnated [!] in Conchita Wurst.
Indeed. Or, as our correspondent on retainer Guy Noir - Private Eye suggests, maybe this could be re-titled "Deity, Diversity, and Dignity" ...":
or, Maybe just "Forget Evertyhing You Think You Know"! At the rate we are going, Being Catholic will mean Being Warm and Fuzzy, and having some sort of interest in Ethics, Sexuality, Non-heretical Liberation Theology, Vatican II Saints, and Middle Eastern Archaeology. So banal it is actually past depressing, and just predictable... kind of like Malcolm X, Hello Kitty and Virgin of Guadalupe tattoos. All you can muster is a monotone, "Wow."
[Hat tip to JM]Fortitude, Guy!! Colorful hairy Wieners, too, shall pass. Though I'm not sure about Being Warm and Fuzzy.

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