Sunday, December 08, 2013

More on "Dare we hope?"

In our November 23rd post, "CWR's long-promised symposium on Salvation & Eternal Destiny" (Musings), we called attention to this flap over Mr. Deavel's review -- once pulled and now published by CWR along with a number of responses.

Dominicus, however, over at Rorate Caeli, in an article entitled "Dare we Hope?" (December 8, 2013), goes in for some serious chop busing, starting with this:
Last week, the results of this symposium were published on the blog at Catholic World Report. Deavel’s original review is posted, as well as a number of other essays on the subject of Vatican II and salvation. However, the president of Ignatius Press, Mark Brumley, in his own essay cleverly sidesteps one of the central accusations that Martin makes against Balthasar, namely that Balthasar makes specious use of his sources, often quoting them out of context or even to make the opposite point of what the author intended.

Instead, Brumley concludes the selection of essays by offering an alternative interpretation of Balthasar that would more easily harmonize with Tradition and Scripture regarding the “hope” of universal salvation.

But what does Scripture and Tradition tell us about hope and salvation? If God created everyone out of love, then surely he would will them all to reach their end - eternal happiness in heaven. And if he wills the end, then surely he wills the means, right? Therefore, all will be saved?

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