Monday, December 16, 2013

"Major Newspaper Apologizes to Pat Robertson, Makes Donation"

Televangelists have the reputation of being generally flaky. I generally have no quarrel with that claim. Nor do I dispute that Pat Robertson can often fit that description, even though he managed to garner sufficient backing to actually run for office in the US presidential election some years ago.

In the interests of fairness, however, it was nice to see this article, by Jeremy Weber, "Major Newspaper Apologizes to Pat Robertson, Makes Donation" (Gleanings, December 13, 2013), reporting that the Guardian retracted and apologized for its allegation that televangelist 'raised millions on the back of a non-existent aid project' in the Congo and made a financial donation to the Robertson ministry.

I also think it helpful to remember, at least for my part, that I don't wish to spend too much time piling onto the mountains of criticism already being heaped by our enemies in the self-congratulatory "enlightened" liberal media upon those who, after all, define themselves in many ways that are sympathetic to our own cause. I understand, in fact, that Regent University, one of the institutions founded by Robertson, employs not a few faithful Catholics as professors.

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