Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Deuterocanonicals, anyone?

The underground correspondent we keep on retainer in a dark Atlantic seaboard city that knows how to keep its secrets, Guy Noir - Private Eye, recently wired me the following:
This is a pretty helpful introduction to a chunk of Scripture that seems to me largely ignored by Catholics. Relatedly, I continue to be struck by how none of the roving Catholic apologists seem interested in really discussing the Apocrypha, in terms of how it is inspired but also possibly in parts a genre of a different sort. Yet here is one woman who is making a good start on the whole thing right about now, as I just discovered.
He was referring, of course, "Introduction to the Deuterocanon or Apocrypha" (Catholic Cravings, November 18, 2013), authored by Laura, apparently a Catholic revert after spending time in a Protestant neck of the woods -- certainly a happy alternative to Tim Stafford's remark about these books in his otherwise informative piece a decade back, "Violent Night, Holy Night" (Christianity Today, December 9, 2002): "I happily affirm the Reformers' decision to leave these books of the Apocrypha out of the canon of the Holy Scripture. These writings don't rise to the level of divine inspiration."

[Hat tip to JM]

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