Monday, December 16, 2013

"Burke out, Wuerl in at Congregation for Bishops"

"In Rome, an American rises and another American fades" (RNS, December 16, 2013), via Rorate, as Pope Francis continues to define his pontificate. Remember: there is a reason for every decision that is made, whether or not it is the immediately apparent one or another, as yet unknown.




The Pope's most valued adviser on American matters is Cardinal Sean O'Malley, of Ted Kennedy canonization fame, and now this elevation of the oleaginous Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who obstinately refuses to obey Canon 915, despite the fact that Cardinal Raymond Burke has demonstrated with geometric certitude that refusal to obey Canon 915 is ALWAYS a mortal sin...

What it shows is that the Pope does not recognize that the scandalous, sacrilegious reception of Communion by pro-abortion politicians is eating the heart out of the Church in America. This latest shuffle is proof that the Pope is no judge of character.

I am not Spartacus


First the Franciscans and now Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke - and they ain't even trads.

Our easy-going, non-judgmental, Pope acts in ways reminiscent of a song by Merle Haggard, "The Fighting side of me."

When you're running down my council, Hoss, you're walking on the fighting side of me are the lyrics I hear when I see the decisions taken by our Pope.



Same old, same old. There has not been a Pope since before Paul VI who actively promoted anything vaguely resembling real Conservatism or non-Nouvelle Theology. So while it is disturbing, it is hardly surprising. Benedict XVI was the closest we came, and look at his appointments to the CDF. The CCC is the closest in teaching we came, and look at its primary author Cardinal Schonborn. To a man, those given pivotal leadership are progressive and masters in the art of SayNothing speech. Wuerl and O'Malley… AmChurch to the bone.

Ghost of Tyburn


Aw come on. Quit complaining! Didn't you see the Pope's baby photos today?

Cutest Pope evah. Do you hear me? Evah.

Ralph Roister-Doister


Francis has picked his Levada. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Smarmy, devious, a real sweetie for the Church of Subsistence.

Ralph Roister-Doister


I think this announcement helps account for Muller's goofy endorsement of the Novus Ordo as a tool for retaining Catholics, his announcement that Liberation Theology is ok after all, etc: he don't wanna lose his dang phony-baloney job! He is trying to save it by jabbering ditzy falsehoods that El Generalissimo likes to hear -- which Burke apparently could not bring himself to do.

Every once in a while, a synodocrat shows his true colors.

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