Friday, December 20, 2013

"Burke out, Wuerl in" - Update

Following up on the post, "Burke out, Wuerl in at Congregation for Bishops" (Musings, December 16, 2013), we call to your attention several recent responses suggesting the gravity of this exchange for the long-term health of the ailing Church:It will be difficult for anyone to credibly gloss over this exchange of Vatican appointments as something of negligible consequence.


Ralph Roister-Doister


Matt Abbott's article covers a lot of ground. But you've got to realize, there is nothing remarkable about Wuerl. In most respects he is your typical lunchpail synodocrat - a barometer for judging the general moral volatility of the Church today. This last statement is proven by the fact that, for his years of scandalous malfeasance in Pittsburgh, Wuerl is rewarded with governance of the plum diocese of the USA, and made a cardinal -- there is nothing especially remarkable about that either. Malfeasance and laxity have become the New Normal.

I will wager that if the secrets of the reign of Howard Hubbard in the diocese of Albany NY should ever be unearthed, the stench will reach the highest heaven. And how many others? Well, how many diocese ya got?

AmChurch is a trough. The USCCB is a trough. Periodically the goombahs meet under its auspices for a round of backslapping and congratulations on getting away with it all for another period of time. How's that for "vibrancy"? Worst case, they can blame it all on the Holy Spirit.

Johannes de Silentio


Ah yes, Howard Hubbard. Over the age of 75, and still the bishop of Albany. How his resignation wasn't accepted on the spot defies explanation.



Burke has evidently been removed from the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, as well. Time will tell if he remains at the Signatura or on the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments. I suppose it's possible that what's going on just accidentally looks like a purge of Curial conservatives, but...

I am not Spartacus


A Jewish woman interviews a Baptist on the Papacy. Huff Post at its best