Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Franciscans of the Immaculate ordeal not over

And you thought the Franciscans of the Immaculate would now have some peace? Think again:

In a massively lengthy post yesterday, Rorate's Augustinus reports an escalation of "Vatican persecution" of the Franciscans of the Immaculate (FI). Details include:
  • Apostolic Commissioner: FI problem is its "crypto-lefebvrian and definitely traditionalist drift"
  • Seminary closed: no ordinations for one year
  • Ordinands must take unprecedented oath on Novus Ordo
  • Ordered "by the Vicar of Christ"
The post includes:
  • a Dec. 4th article by La Stampa's best Vaticanist, Marco Tosatti, consisting mainly of a letter from "a member of the laity who is close to the Franciscans of the Immaculate";
  • a Dec. 6th article featuring a long response by Fr. Fidenzio Volpi, Capuchin, the Apostolic Commissioner appointed by the Holy See for the FI;
  • links to a "harsh" December 8 letter of Fr. Volpi to the FI "announcing further sanctions and measures" against the community;
  • an open letter by professor Roberto de Mattei summarising the situation and calling for the removal of Fr. Volpi.
What is particularly puzzling is the accusation of "crypto-lefebvrianism," given that the religious congregation in question continued to celebrate the Novus Ordo in the great majority of its apostolates even as it made use of the provisions of Summorum Pontificum. What does seem clear is that, whatever internecine battles may be occurring within the curia over such matters as these, the opposition such groups as FI are receiving is not simply over their positive reception of the provisions of Summorum Pontificum within them, but as Augustinus suggests, "their increasing attachment to Traditional Catholic theological positions."

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[Hat tip to L.S.]



Jack said...

What in the world are these Sixties Modernist Pinheads afraid of? Here comes the whole Conciliar Church like the massive waters of the mighty Niagara thundering over the dam in to basin of modernism, and they fret and fume over a handful of salmon swimming upstream against the tide. "Must teach salmon to stop swimming! Must teach salmon to go with the flow! Must teach salmon to behave like dead fish too!"

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Jack. The revolutionaries are perpetually on the alert striving to maintain their so-called accomplishments and the burgeoning traditionalist movement is seen as cracks in the prison walls these revolutionaries erected around Tradition at Vatican Two.

These new theologians - progeny of the Modernists - will not surrender their so-called gains and they act as both the rear guard of the recent revolution and the vanguard of the continuing revolution.

This is all deadly serious and the Pope's rear guard action against the Franciscans will be closely watched to gauge the response and if it is as tepid as it seems that it will be, then strikes against more substantial targets will occur.

If the FSSP does not understand that its Fiddlebacks are seen by this Pope as a target then they wil soon enough - after he formally declares the SSPX a schism.

Anonymous said...

@Jack: It is amazing, isn't it? It's fascinating that so many roadblocks are put in the way of the tiniest manifestations of Tradition. How could such a mustard seed pose any kind of serious threat to the New Springtime? And yet, that appears to be the case. Quite the backhanded compliment.

Although it's been said, many times, many ways - the post-conciliar hierarchy is tolerant of everyone and everything... except Catholic Tradition.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrits! You call yourselves Catholic? You have lost sight of Christ's messages!!!
You have made a rite your golden calf! The Faith you profess to be yours is a gift from God! You judge your brothers, and condemn them, without knowing any of the particulars of this debacle.
Perhaps you all might wish to "watch and pray so you do not enter into temptation"!! Reflection on St. James epistle, chapter 3: 'sin of the tongue', might help you.

Anonymous said...

Censorship? Figures.

Charles said...

Cool it, Anonymous. You wouldn't want anyone thinking you're joining the ranks of the haters. As they say, it could look like the pot was calling the kettle black.

Besides, I think the the point of having a comment box is to solicit comments on the subject posted, rather than rants over comments by other readers.