Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"She is losing Bernie people but picking up neocon tastemakers"

George Neumayr, Oxford-educated former senior editor of the Catholic World Report with a NNDB (Notable Names Data Base) 'risk factor' of 'homophobia,' is clearly in overdrive, now suggesting that Donald Trumps Clinton morally .... But then, you may say, that may not be asking very much.

Here's his article: "She is losing Bernie people but picking up neocon tastemakers" (American Spectator, June 1, 2016).

After chronicling the utter disdain for the unwashed masses, the common folk, the working men and women, the voting American electorate in the recent articles by Anthony Lewis and David Brooks (New York Times) and Bret Stephens (Wall Street Journal), Neumayr suggests that Hillary is picking up a new variety of supporter:
The neocon tastemakers gunning for Trump’s defeat view her as a fellow member of the ruling class, confused at times but at least comprehensible. Around the time of her appointment to the State Department, this crowd, conveniently forgetting the radicalism of her Yale days and work for the Children’s Defense Fund, propped her up as a safe member of the establishment. They have returned to this stance. Even if she is wrong on some issues, they figure, her dues fees have been paid. Trump’s haven’t.

Implicit in the intemperate outbursts of the neocon tastemakers is that the people should have consulted with them first. Part of the “lesson” the people need to learn is that they should take their opinions from intellectual betters. Never mind that those intellectual betters long ago lost their intellects in the pursuit of sophistication in a PC age. They quote the classics and fix their bow ties before making the “conservative case for gay marriage” and the wisdom of open borders.

Notice that the neocons so appalled by Trump’s vulgarity defend the much deeper vulgarity of the elite’s social revolution. Trump is not to their taste. But gay marriage is. That in part explains why a Supreme Court stacked by Hillary doesn’t terrify them very much. They wouldn’t want gay marriage rulings overturned, they feel largely comfortable with the feminist world Roe v. Wade created, and they find the religious-freedom pleas of the Kim Davises tiresome. On many of the hot-button social issues before the court, they agree with Hillary. And on matters of trade, immigration, and war, they feel more kinship with her than with Trump....

.... “Trump has taught me to fear my fellow Americans,” says Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen. He too is looking for a new people [electorate], docile to the direction of the ruling class. Amidst lectures on masculinity from the New York Times, dreams of vicious lesson-learning dancing in the heads of tony pundits, federal fiats for the “transgendered,” and future pink slips down at the coal mine from Hillary Clinton, the masses can be excused for their aversion to the establishment’s “sophisticated” direction. The George Wills may call them vulgar, but they would prefer to live in a country where common sense isn’t in bad taste.

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