Monday, June 20, 2016

"Obama’s Post-Orlando Tirade: Islam is Sacred and Beyond Reproach"

Ralph Sidway, "Obama’s Post-Orlando Tirade: Islam is Sacred and Beyond Reproach" (Jihad Watch, June 16, 2016).... "By refusing to name the enemy, the President continues to advance a new Edict of Milan, granting preferred status for Muslims and Islam over all other groups and religions, and over America itself."

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

One wonders how many more politicians in England will be assassinated for being traitors? Of course it can not be any surprise that it happened and so what must the mood be of the Invade the world/Invite the world (Steve Sailers great description of America) western politicians complicit in the destruction and degradation of their own countries?

In took Spain over 700 years to complete the Reconquista and decades from now historians will likely identify the assassination of the British pol as the beginning of the Reconquista there for you can only push men so far before they take up a gun and bring the war to the politicians.

Guns in America absolutely terrify our traitorous political class