Tuesday, June 07, 2016

What if Muhammad Ali had run for president?

Check this out over at "Old Life" (June, 4, 2016):
As I listen to journalists and sports-talk radio hosts talk about the greatest fighter of all time, I keep thinking I understand the appeal of Donald Trump.

Just look at some of these juicy quotes:
Clay was 18: bounding, fearless, leading with his mouth.

“I’m not only a fighter. I’m a poet; I’m a prophet; I’m the resurrector; I’m the savior of the boxing world. If it wasn’t for me, the game would be dead,” he said.

[Hat tip to JM]

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

That’s my original name; that’s a black man name,” Ali said. “Cassius Clay was my slave name. I’m no longer a slave.”

It was tough to fool Ali. He hated his "slave" name and so he took the name of the men who purchased him. As for the men who sold his proximate progenitors - African negroes - all one can observe is, Black Privilege.

With White Identity on the rise, it is doubtful Ali would have been elected POTUS for we have already seen what it is like to live under Black Identity and there are only so many guilty whites left after these eight execrable years..

On the one hand it is gratifying to know that Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Sotero will soon be leaving office but it is depressing to consider his likely life span and what that will mean in terms of how many more racial supremacist autobiographies he will write.