Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Afraid of being called 'homophobes' - Catholic establishment in full retreat

I just received the following via an exhausted courier pigeon from the mysterious Guy Noir, apparently vacationing somewhere on Martha's Vineyard. Take his sardonic language however you wish [Advisory: Rules ##7-9]. The articles to which he refers are worth reading:
Let's be frank:

There is NO meaningful Catholic conversation -- outside of rather shrill Trad circles -- on the faithful response to homosexuality. Nada. None.

There is only liberal-leaning rhetoric and dodging and parsing. Bishop Barron, Fr. Martin, Pope Francis ... wow, what nonsensical comments that attempt a smokescreen. And comments about marriage being between a man and a woman from the chorus of post-metrosexual bishops. Comments which will have had nothing to do with Pulse! Night Club, I imagine.

One more reason Rod Dreher is a lifesaver, and also an understandable "apostate."

Of course, Francis is not an apostate. Heavens no! He could ordain a lesbian and we'd have explanations from Fr. Dwight and Lizzie Scalia.

I think I will read Dreher and ignore the Pope. And Pathos. Etc. While conservative Catholics disparage him for defaulting to Orthodoxy. (Hey, I imagine Francis would approve!)

We continue to be our own worst enemy. For the Church, an ideological "worst of times." I'd actually prefer Paul VI.

Ugh. Tough times evoke tough words, I guess. But the articles to which Noir refers are these:
  • Rod Dreher, "Queers vs. Conservative Christians" (american Conservative, June 16, 2016):
    "I have discovered that there is no way to defend the orthodox Christian teaching in a way that most gay folks find acceptable, even if they disagree. In other words, simply holding the orthodox Christian teaching about homosexuality (and sexuality in general, from which it cannot be separated) is evidence of bigotry, in their eyes."
  • Rod Dreher, "Debating Orlando's Meaning" (American Conservative, June 16, 2016):
    Whatever made the radical Muslim Omar Mateen murder 49 innocents, connecting that atrocity to Christians (and Republicans) is shameless opportunism. It renders reasoned debate impossible, and turns cultural politics into a crusade against infidels.

    Waving a blood-soaked rainbow flag to rally anti-Christian scapegoating for political advantage is repulsive and dangerous. But to holy warriors, restraint looks like cowardice and acknowledging moral complexity denies the narcotic pleasures of ardent purity.

    This won’t end well. Wars of religion never do.

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