Thursday, June 23, 2016

American Me

From Guy Noir- Private Eye:
An unstable nutcase is untouchable by the FBI: "For The Record: Omar Mateen, G4S Armed Security Guard" (June 12, 20106). [You gotta be freakin' kiddin me!!!]

But a good, Scripture-spouting, soldier is problematic according to the Marines. "A danger at her desk job, your honor, sir." - "Highest military court considers limits of religious liberty in uniform" (World, April 29, 2016).

Are you kidding me?

Meanwhile, we focus on the really important questions, like...
  • Can Caitlyn Jenner use the guys' bathroom?
  • Can Hillary have her own private server?
  • Is Trump truly racist?
  • Will Beyonce release another unreleased song?
  • Can we maybe outlaw guns and also legalize drugs?
    or, most emotionally,
  • How many people will attend the next candlelight vigil?
Who cares and Whatever.

Gotta go now, and download the latest single from Kanye West.

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