Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Scholas Occurrentes: a "completely secularized educational paradigm"

Sandro Magister, "'Scholas Occurrentes': Francis's Pedagogical Revolution" (www.chiesa, June 3, 2016): "Goodbye, Catholic teaching. The worldwide network of schools that the pope is fostering and promoting with great fervor has a completely secularized educational paradigm. Instead of saints, the stars of sports and entertainment."


Wonder if anyone would even raise an eyebrow any more if a pope spent some of his time as a consultant for UNESCO or a multinational corporate advertising agency.

[Hat tip to A.B.S. Ministries]


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

In the springtime of the new pentecost in the civilisation of love and belonging who can say it is wrong to attend to the soccer ball being bent by Beckham for one must never burn the bridges of dialogue that allows us to cross over the rivers of want to the field hospital of a better world in a more humanistic culture of encounter with those whose identity on the margins must be listened to for it is they who present us with the possibility of an integration into a new and better world in which the heart and the mind lead the hands forming an enriched culture of creativity resulting , if you will, in the brand new technology of chipping theological tiddlywinks into the eyes of a clown and blotting out its tears.


Mark Citadel said...

Fr. Sarda warned that one of the greatest threats to Roman Catholicism was the removal of the Catholic education. He could not have predicted that the Church might be party to it.