Thursday, January 21, 2016

Francis orders change to Foot Washing Rite on Holy Thursday to include females

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf addresses the matter of this brave new world innovation here today, with these observations:
First, in the Ordinary Form the footwashing rite or “Mandatum” is optional. It need not be done at all. Neither can any bishop or priest be constrained to do it. Fathers, you can simply drop it. If you are being pressured to add women or girls to those chosen, don’t do the rite.

Second, this does not apply to the Extraordinary Form. Fathers. Think about it. ¡Hagan lío!

Third, just as in the cases of Communion in the hand and the use of altar girls, both of which were legalized after years of blatant disobedience to the law, this move by Pope Francis could be interpreted to mean that liturgical norms mean very little and, worse, that liturgy means very little. Thus, we move deeper into a brave new antinomian world. (emphasis added) I suspect, however, that it one were to choose to make it up as you go (disobey) in the traditional direction rather than in the innovative direction, the world would be brought down on one’s head.

Fourth, see number two, above.


Anonymous said...

Do we need to obey these injunctions of Francis? I have serious doubts after reading this (incomplete) list of his misdemeanors:

Besides if Francis has said so often that we need to be careful not to be Pharisaical, so I'll just stick to the spirit of the Holy Thursday rite...and not bother too much about what the letter tat Francis dictates says.

Charles said...

If you read the post carefully, Fr. Zuhlsdorf offers two ways of avoiding the egregious innovation without overt disobedience. Even so, it looks more like a 'permission' to include women than a requirement to do so. Typical "Vatican 2-faced" nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Why the disgust at the idea of washing female feet?

Charles said...

And remember my dear people, Holy Thursday is not a holy day of obligation.

Chuck Martelowski said...

My vote is to do away with footwashing entirely. Anything so minor that can be so utterly ridiculed and politicized is not worth the effort of keeping. Toss it, and forget about splashing a few token drops of water on the well-manicured and gaily colored nails of the humble pewsmen and women.

Especially to have a bishop unctuously perform such a rite once a year is ridiculous when every minute of the rest of the year he is grabbing your ankles, turning you upside down and shaking nickels out of your pockets in order to support an agenda you despise.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The Liturgy has meant relatively little to every Pope, beginning with Paul VI who imposed upon the Church his Lil' Licit Liturgy happy meal for women and children and sodomites.

Yes, Benedict XVI included.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the single Holiest action taking place on Earth at any moment in time and, since 1969, it has been disfigured and virtually destroyed and even Benedict's lame S.P. failed to correct the egregious assault on Holy Mass by the revolutionary perps.

There is no excuse - not one - for having allowed this abomination to continue for nearly one-half of a century.

When men wonder why it is evident that Jesus has withdrawn part of His Grace from His Church, ABS thinks the proximate causes are the Catechism teaching He sinned and the destruction of His Mass.

The longer the revolution is allowed to retain possession of the revolutionary rite, the longer an actual restoration can even begin to take place.

The Reform of the Reform has been acknowledged as a complete failure and the only action that can succeed is a complete and utter proscription/destruction of the Lil' Licit Liturgy while at the same time granting permission for any Priest to say any Mass existing prior to 1940 and the Holy Week Reforms of Pope Pius XII

Dark Horse said...


Hell, no man is repulsed by washing women's feet; it's probly a turn on. That could be a problem in church. might want to use perfumed oils too. Has its place. Not in church.

Felix M said...

Pope Francis has now changed Canon Law to permit this practice. This amounts to an admission that he previously broke the Church's laws.

Unless, which seems distressingly likely, he regards himself as being above the law and able to whatever he feels like doing at the time.