Saturday, January 02, 2016

"Social Gospel Über Alles"

This is a long post to slog through; but, as almost always, Rod Dreher hits on the right questions and provokes the needed sorts of ruminations, here in "Social Gospel Über Alles" (The American Conservative, December 26, 2015).

As our underground correspondent, Guy Noir - Private Eye, said in a text containing the link sent from his iPhone (what, has he left off using carrier pigeons???):
Rod Dreher, Ross Douthat, Rorate Caeli, Amy Welborn, and a splash of Mularkey's bitters... An internet Catholic's roaming habits could be a lot worse, a lot... starting with the measured, reasoned morphine drip that CRUX supplies willing patients. Their "spirituality columnist," especially, is heterodox-to-Chisiter heinous. Anyway...

From Dreher, I think this is long but exactly right, and explains why Francis' "be good" -isms and dulling of doctrine may help Argentina but are damning for the larger Church in the West...

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