Thursday, January 21, 2016

"The Best Books I Read in 2015"

The CWR Staff's “The Best Books I Read in 2015” (Catholic World Report, December 31, 2015) is, as the annual recapitulation always is, a stimulating bibliographical feast, not least because of the ever-insightful, free-flowing eloquence of our own correspondent, Joseph Martin's contribution. I always find myself adding books to my Amazon wish list.

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Chuck Martelowski said...

With all these pious neo-bumpkins burbling about the "great" book of Cdl Sarah, I feel compelled to point out once more that throughout western and central Africa in particular, no one wielded more influence on the budding African Catholic clergy than good old Marcel Lefebvre, whose stalwart efforts were rewarded with a swift kick in the ass by the refined and daintily cultured syncretists of V2, but whose work may, through the likes of clerics such as Sarah, save the Church from its current descent into terminal marxist insipidity. Choke on it, daisy-sniffers!