Sunday, January 10, 2016

A good show on Juventutem

Alex Begin, who writes the weekly "Tridentine Community News" columns we run here every Sunday, is producer of the "Extraordinary Faith" series (aired on EWTN), which he largely financed himself. It's a terrific series with an appeal beyond the "Latin Mass crowd" (designed that way) by virtue of its celebration of "the beauty of classical Catholic sacred art, architecture, music, and liturgy.

I just posted the following on Facebook, but I don't want you to miss it here:
Some would find it oxymoronic if I said that anything as ancient as the Tridentine Mass can effectively attract young people to Mass and the Catholic Faith today. The first part of Episode 7 of the EWTN show, "Extraordinary Faith," is devoted to Juventutem Miami, a young people's group, which I, for one, find sort of ... inspiring. (Watch it full-screen. The resolution is awesome.):

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