Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ross Douthat does that again

That is, as Guy Noir - Private Eye says, Douthat is "once again, one hundred percent terrific."

"Catholicism at Year Zero" (New York Times, January 5, 2016).


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Plinio Correa de Oliveira was right in observing about Revolution: Considered superficially, the events of our days seem a chaotic and inextricable tangle. From many points of view, they are indeed.

However, one can discern profoundly consistent and vigorous resultants of this conjunction of so man y disorderly forces when considering them from the standpoint of the great crisis we are analyzing.

Indeed, under the impulse of the forces in delirium, the western nations are being gradually driven toward a state of affairs which is taking the same form in all of them and is diametrically opposed to a Christian civilization.

Thus, this crisis is like a queen whom all the forces of chaos serve as efficient and docile vassals

"Revolution and Counter-Revolution"

1962-1965 BCE (Bestest Council Ever) brought the Revolution inside the Catholic Church and that is what is now being fought on all fronts - Theological, Doctrinal, Moral, Liturgical, Musical - and the Revolutionaries are still in nearly absolute temporal control and it does not look good for the Counter-Revolutionary forces.

However, as an Irish-Algonquin, there is no cause for ABS not to enjoy the sturm und drang of a lost cause.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Plinio Correa de Oliveira was a prophet of a "lost cause," like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. Perhaps that's why the Atila Guimarães' website inspired by Plinio, 'Tradition in Action,' has as its motto: La plus belle aventure du monde, c’est la nôtre!