Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sweet as saccharine, clear as mud


James Joseph said...

And then we have the word of the holy writer of the Gospel and tax-collector Matthew: treat such as these as tax-collectors and keep apart.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Doctrinal weakness is rewarded in the Shadow Church while Doctrinal strength gets you fired (reassigned to Malta).

So, why would any Prelate preach truth?

Modern Prelates do not want to lose their cushy positions and perks, so , being merciful is the preferred cloak to cover Doctrinal cravenness.

It all makes sense on the anthropological level and at which level the Shadow Church operates.

Frank (@txtradcatholic) said...

Saw this when it was "live" on EWTN...very disappointing but, unfortunately, not surprising. After all, this is the same prelate who DISCIPLINED one of his priests for refusing to give the Holy Eucharist to a pair of Lesbians who presented themselves at Mass-after having first ensured the priest knew of their perversion by coming into the sacristy to introduce themselves as a "couple."

Anonymous said...

He's an infiltrator just like Robert Barron
Personally I think they're freemasonic communists working for Satan & the NWO.