Sunday, November 01, 2015

Cardinal Arinze's remarks worth hearing

I know by today's standards, this is "dated" material, since is about two weeks old, but it's very much worth listening to. The uncommon common sense coming from Africa these days is refreshing.


Paul Borealis said...

Thanks for the video of the Cardinal Arinze interview, by LifeSiteNews. It is what you said, 'uncommon common sense'.

[F.Y.I.] You might find this lecture of interest. See link below. God bless.


October 30, 2015

The Erasmus Lecture

Ross Douthat joined First Things at the Union League to deliver his lecture [...]Monday, October 26th.

Anonymous said...

If the Church is to be rescued from the hordes of collared crypto-protestants who have elevated El Caudillo to the throne, the priests and bishops of Africa will likely be the instruments of its deliverance. These priests and bishops in large part are products of a Catholic seminary system instituted in Africa by Marcel Lefebvre, in the years prior to the holocaust of Vatican II. By such a route, Lefebvre's holy work may yet save the Church, even though the modern Church of five continents longs not to be saved, but to wallow.

Joe Piotrowski said...

The lie at the heart of this collection of standard cliches is that John Paul II and Benedict XVI were "conservatives." They were not. They were Vatican II liberals. The difference between them and Bergoglio is one of grooming: or, to put it another way, the difference between first world polish and third world scruffiness. Douthat's point of view is best revealled by his chirpy joking about the First Things crowd as a closeted clique of integralists in league with Bellarmine. Such a juxtaposition is less witty than simply unintelligible. The First Things Crowd! The same bunch that threw Maureen Mullarkey under the bus, and with her all pretence of their little journal as a kind of Catholic public square. It is more like a Catholic Bertie Wooster's Drone's Club.