Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis: infallibility in action by St. John Paul II

Dr. Edward Peters, in "I agree with Dr. Feser 99.953%" (In the Light of the Law, November 24, 2015), writes:
Yes, I know that then-Cdl. Ratzinger said he did not regard Ordinatio as infallible and there is language from John Paul II suggesting the same thing. What can I say? Ordinatio is infallible, Ratzinger was not; John Paul’s infallible teaching authority was engaged when he issued Ordinatio, not when he briefly commented on it.
Find out why Peters says this, in commenting on Edward Feser's recent post on papal infallibility, by reading more >>

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Jeff said...

I remember thinking when it first came out that it looked like the Pope was noninfallibly teaching that under the Ordinary Magisterium, the teaching was infallible.

That still appears to me to be what he was saying.

Perhaps it was deemed unecumenical to USE the Pope's infallibility and thus the Pope sought a way to use the Church's infallibility without overtly engaging his own.