Saturday, November 07, 2015

Our Saviour Church in Manhattan – “Hare Krishna!”

Via Fr. Z's Blog: here's what we now see at Fr. Rutler’s former parish in Manhattan, Our Saviour Church. Caption from Dandavats website reads:
Devotees conduct kirtan in a Christian church, New York (1 min video). In late September, a few friends and I were asked to organise and participate in an interfaith prayer session in New York City. Members from The Bhakti Center led kirtan for an hour.

Wasn't it Pope Leo who had a vision in which Satan asked for, and was granted, power over the Church for a certain time, as he was given over Job, in Job 1:12? Makes you wonder.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of what’s happening tomorrow night in the cathedral in Durban, South Africa: an interfaith event entitled “World Religions in Concert” featuring African Traditional, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim songs of praise. See more:

The Archbishop of Durban is Cardinal Wilfred Napier, who has been championed as a bastion of orthodoxy at the recent synod by conservative Catholics in the US and Europe.

Pertinacious Papist said...


At LEAST, one would think, they'd pick some "neutral" venue rather than desecrate a cathedral or any other Catholic church. Why do Catholic churches always end up "hosting" these affairs? Do Hindu or Buddhist temples host such affairs? Surely not Muslim mosques! I don't get it. The words that inevitably keep ringing in my ears when I think about such things are those of Lúcia de Jesus Rosa Santos, of Fatima fame: "... diabolical disorientation ..."

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

After such demonic activity, the Bishop of the Local Franchise of Dead Dioceses Inc America should order a formal exorcism of that Church and reconsecrate it.

But, we know, that, instead, they will be invited back