Saturday, November 21, 2015

Abortion as beautiful and holy: the demons must be howling

Remember when Simon and Garfunkel sang "Silent Night" to the background of the 7 O'Clock evening news reporting about the Vietnam war, death by drug overdoses, racial rioting, the Richard Speck murders?

Now ABC News has done one better: Daniel Nussbaum, in "ABC’s ‘Scandal’ Main Character Undergoes Abortion Set to ‘Silent Night’," shows how Thursday night's episode of Shonda Rhimes's ABC series Scandal was, in fact, nothing less than an hour-long advertisement for Planned Parenthood, with "Silent Night" sung by a Gospel choir in the background as Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) undergoes an abortion.

Sometimes the work of Satan is so transparent one can only say: "Wow!" What complete and utter fools we are to have allowed things to spin out of control under our very noses. But, then again, we RE-ELECTED the man in the White House who invokes the blessing of "God" on Planned Parenthood, champions sodomite "marriage" in the name of "family-values," opens our borders in the name of "compassion" to enemies of Jews and Christians, and is bankrupting us to the tune of $19 million and running. As I say, the demons must be howling with laughter. They know (better than we) that we deserve every bit of what's coming.

[Hat tip to JM]

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c matt said...

I guess the best evidence against the existence of God is that He has not totally obliterated the US from the face of the earth. Maybe we still have ten righteous men....somewhere.