Monday, June 01, 2015

A conservative Presbyterian responds to Catholic modernism via ... Boniface

D. G. Hart, "What A Call with Integrity Sounds Like" (Old Life, May 30, 2015).

Hart points out that some (former Presbyterian) Catholic converts who have been trying to reach out the Presbyterians like himself miss the central dynamic of modern Christianity because they keep insisting "that Protestantism and Roman Catholicism represent two distinct paradigms while not recognizing the two paradigms that exist on both sides of the Tiber — one anti-modernist and one indifferent to modernism and its effects."

And as an example of the anti-modernist Catholic paradigm, they cite Boniface, "Shepherds of the Whole World" (Unam Sanctam Catholicam, May 29, 2015).

Very telling ...

[Hat tip to JM]


Boniface said...

Boniface is sure making the rounds these days!

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Jesus gave to His Church the same task as He had - Sanctification and Salvation - and all else is secondary but since the revolution we have not only had the tasks diluted, they have been essentially eliminated.

When was the last time you heara a Pope talk about our ancient and permanent enemies, The World, The Flesh, and Thew Devil?

To the credit of Our Pope and Our Cross, The Bishop of Rome frequently speaks of the Devil but he rarely (ever?) speaks of the world as our enemy or our flesh as our enemy.

No, the revolutionaries surrendered to the world and opened its doors to it.

Jesus didn't include Satan in His ministry, we do.

Pertinacious Papist said...

Boniface is indeed making his rounds, and turning up in the most unexpected places these days! Thanks for your good work.