Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tridentine Masses coming this week to metro Detroit and east Michigan

Tridentine Masses This Coming Week


Catholic Mission said...

Tridentine Mass offered with the Marchetti mistake.

Anonymous said...

Catholic Mission,

You're fairly convincing on the one issue that you continually address. Are there any other issues you ever address?

Catholic Mission said...

Are there any other issues you ever address?

Medugorje, Tridentine Latin Mass, Ecclesiology, New Theology, Eastern Techniques of Meditation, New Age, Vatican Council II, rational and irrational premise, two interpretations of the Catechism,sedevantists using the Marchetti error....

Of course extra ecclesiam nulla salus is related to the Traditional Latin Mass. It can be interpreted with or without the Marchetti inference, the irrational premise. You are probably affirming this heresy, without knowing it and attending the Traditional Latin Mass.Or you are offering the Traditional Latin Mass with this heresy , if you are a priest.

So it is not just one issue that I continually address, this is an issue related to Vatican Council II and the canonical status of the SSPX....It is related to widespread apostasy in the Catholic Church,by innocent Catholics misled by their ( may be equally innocent) religous leaders.
-Lionel Andrades