Monday, June 22, 2015

Interpretations of Laudato Si'

I plan to update this listing periodically. [Disclaimer: The views of the linked articles do not necessarily reflect my views, as most readers (and my seminary students) will know. Some are polite and charitable; others abrasive and bitter; still others inveterate fantasy. Advisory: I consider it important to arm oneself with a variety of perspectives -- See: Rules ##7-9] But remember, when all is said and done, what is far more important than any encyclical, or sorting out the cacophony of voices vying to interpret it, is the zeal and joy with which you embrace your life as a Catholic. To know the Faith requires no more than a Penny Catechism; and if you know your Faith, you will know how to live it, love it, and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.


Not That Guy said...

Did you see this?

JM said...

When all is said an done, any man worth his salt will point out how embarrassing the pervasive herd mentality is, and how totally unnecessary as well as harmful to real Catholic faith it is in the long run. Dr. Leroy Huizenga, Ms. Kathryn Lopez, Mr. Mark Shea, Fr. Barron... the list is long, and the commentary is so wildly unaware of historical theology and so teenage in tone as to be depressing if not embarrassing. Is it wrong to point out the goofiness if they insist on publishing their goofiness? I include Francis in that.