Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Müller suggests new task for CDF: shoring up deficient "theological structure" of Francis Pontificate

In an interview with French Catholic newspaper La Croix, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, defined a new task for his office: providing the theological structure for the pontificate of Pope Francis. The Cardinal reportedly stated: “The arrival of a theologian like Benedict XVI in the Chair of St. Peter was no doubt an exception. But John XXIII was not a professional theologian. Pope Francis is also more pastoral and our mission at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is to provide the theological structure of a pontificate.”

[Hat tip to CMTV Headlines, 4/8/15 and CFN, 7/4/15]


Anonymous said...

"John XXIII was not a professional theologian. Pope Francis is also more pastoral."

Is it just me? John was just sainted, fro cringe out loud. Francis is acclaimed as a Great Reformer though he has done little other than offer loose talk and do some internal reorganizing. The comparison of the two...? Seriously. Is the POpe going to come alongside Obama to heal the waters? Even granting that John was 'Great Reformer' -- which O find laughable given he unleashed a hurricane and promptly died -- comparing Francis with him just seems like misplaced adulation or something similar underscoring the clericalism that plagues Rome and leaves us with "The Pope is God's Gift" syndrome. That said, I hope Müller helps keep the ship out of the bogs.

William said...

Problem is, most who view this video will see the dancing and think that's a bit goofy, but otherwise not too much out of the ordinary.

By contrast, when others of us see this, the dancing is merely an incidental component of a whole hijacked liturgical arrangement that is fatally flawed. It could be a meeting at a Masonic hall where they read some scriptural passages along with other purely naturalistic secular literature.

Sixupman said...

Individual expression in the Liturgy
- VAT II that is - has been allowed to fester for eons and has now become embedded and virtually normalised.

How such mindset is now rectified is almost beyond me.