Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Lectionary censorship continues???

Back in 2006 we posted an article entitled "Lectionary censorship" (Musings, July 11, 2006) about large swaths of Biblical teaching withheld from parishioners on a regular basis by those who typically use the "Shorter Form" lectionary readings in the Novus Ordo liturgy.

What reminded us of this was a post entitled "What does the Bible really teach?" (The Nesciencent Nepenthene, April 6, 2015) based on a comparison of what can be found in the April 5 Easter Sunday readings with what is actually in the Bible. Pretty amazing.

This leads me to think there is a good research project here for someone willing to undertake the foot work. The discrepancies are simply scandalous.


Sixupman said...

I have a copy of "The Holy Week Book" with an Imprimatur of 27/01/1913 [Westminster]

I also have a copy of the "Holy Wee Manual of 16/11/1955.

I prefer the former, but both place the current format for Holy Week Celebration very much in the shade.

A gradual downgrading in quality of the liturgy?

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Thanks for the link, Doc, and Raider Fan missed the post you cited and the comments therein by Mr. Vree triggered a memory of the time when he came under attack by certain well-known soi distant trads.

They claimed he was a railer (hater) and, thus, subject to being cast in Hell because of his provocative and tocsin-sounding rhetoric.

C'est la vie.

Truth is, can anyone recall what he wrote that was heretical?

O,and his column about the failure of Pope Benedict XVI's directive (forgot now what it was called) to scotch sodomites being admitted into seminaries was deadly accurate and prophetic despite the differing reactions of the ultramontane hive.

Sed Contra said...

The research has already been done:
Scripture Index of Lectionary Readings Used for Sundays and Major Feasts
Scripture Index of Lectionary Readings Used for Weekday Masses

But what the hey! Pope Francis has been reported to have already said that the “reform of the reform” is “mistaken” even if some of its advocates are “saints” and speak “in good faith”.

Instead may I offer my “modest proposal”? Christians, like the Jews before them, should adopt of the practice of reading the whole of the Law each year, although in our case it would be the whole of the New Testament rather than the Pentateuch.

For those who agree, the Fellowship of St. James already has a full reading program to which are added the Psalms and the Old Testament over the course of two years. It is available here.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Sed contra. Professor Mary Moorman has a regular practice that ought be adopted by all Trads. She reads Holy Writ 35 minutes a day to gain a Plenary Indulgence (30 mins is all that is necessary plus the usual the requirements) and she applies those indulgences to the poor souls un purgatory.

It is amazing what one picks-up each time he reads and rereads Holy Writ.

Thanks for the link and it polly isn't necessary to tell others of the IPETA and Brevarium Meum apps.

The easier is the access to the Bible and the liturgy, the less they are read and studied. In just a sec Raider Fan will post an invaluable link for orthodox exegesis

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...


This is an amasing source and its is free..
Is there a day that R.F. doesn't use it?

Doubt it