Thursday, April 30, 2015

Point-counter-point on Cardinal Robert Sarah

Too little time to comment on the following, but two very interesting and radically opposed "readings" of the significance of Cardinal Robert Sarah and his best-selling 434-page Dieu ou Rien [God or Nothing] (Fayard, 2015):
  • Samuel Gregg, "Cardinal Kasper could learn from this African bishop" (Crisis, April 13, 2015) - an all-positive, thoughtful appreciation of the insights of the good Cardinal by the Research Director at the Acton Institute.

  • Louie Verrecchio, "Cardinal Sarah interview nothing to cheer about" (Harvesting the Fruit of the Vatican II, March 6, 2015) - a self-professed "rain on the parade" analysis of all that's wrong with Cardinal Sarah's views by the Al Pacino of la cosa nostra tradizione cattolica.
[Hat tip to JM]

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