Monday, April 13, 2015

Archbishop of Buenos Aires formally recognizes SSPX as part of Catholic Church???

And Pope Francis? This would be news to me, but here it is at Rorate Caeli (april 13, 2015). Not sure about the Holy Father, but at least the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Fr. Z's take.

Christopher Ferrara's take.

Michael Matt's take.

Don Pio Pace, "The Society of Saint Pius X recognized in Argentina: what does it mean? Much more than you may think! A guest-piece by Don Pio Pace" (Rorate Caeli, April 29, 2015)

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Elizabeth said...

The SSPX (DICI) came out with a clarification. Contrary to Fr. Z's rose-colored glasses view, this was simply an administrative state thing. No big deal, at all.

Elizabeth said...

It was just an administrative state thing. It was clarified on the DICI website. Nothing to it.

Charles said...


But then there's THIS; and, even more importantly, THIS, by the president of the American Catholic Lawyers Association and reputable interpreter of canon law.

Elizabeth said...

@Charles: Yes, I've seen those articles. My point was only that the SSPX issued a clarification to counter all those who viewed this Argentina thing as some kind of movement from Rome towards full regularization in general. I would love for the day to come when the Vatican comes to its senses and SSPX is fully regularized but this ain't it.

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