Tuesday, April 07, 2015

That White House Easter photo

Emily Zanotti, "We Need to Talk About the White House Easter Photo" (American Spectator, April 6, 2015):
This is what the White House put on social media to celebrate Easter. Now, I know, every holiday, obituary and random event must, by law, be celebrated by this President with a photo of himself.

But what on God's green Earth is happening here?

I feel like this is a poster for a depressingly dark independent "comedy" film I will never see, about a man and a giant imaginary bunny, sort of like Willard, but without the quality writing and with questionable casting choices. Does he see the bunny? Does he know its there? Is it really Joe Biden, performing the single most important duty of his Vice Presidency? Is this all a gloriously complicated scheme that will eventually be revealed to be the dawn of the New Order?

My money's on Biden.
[Hat tip to JM]

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FRLBJ said...

very Masonic with the Washington Monument.