Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"The Times Are Never So Bad ...

... that a good man cannot live in them." Work in them? That may be another question. As Guy Noir pointed out in a message today, the following story shows just how "bad" the times are getting. Depressing for anyone who values free speech and virtue.

Kate Shellnutt, "Bible Citation Costs Atlanta Fire Chief His Job" (Christianity Today, January 9, 2015).

Can you imagine a fire chief being fired in a Buddhist country for citing the Lotus Sutra, or in a Muslim country for citing the Qur'an?

We may just have the most insane policies of any country in the world. Political correctness is killing us. Orwell was right. The thought police are now flexing their new-found muscles. Pray for major cramping.

[Hat tip to GN]

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