Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Introducing St. Peter Damian's Book of Gomorrah

I was looking to see if I could find an online edition of St. Peter Damian's Book of Gomorrah, and I ran across this, which is very good: Randy Engel's "St. Peter Damian's Book of Gomorrah: A Moral Blueprint for Our Times" Related: "Smuggling in Sodomy" (Mic'D Up, ChurchMilitant.TV, January 28, 2015) - an hour-long program with some very good moments and stunning revelations about how "sodomy" is being smuggled into the Church through many different avenues.


Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Ok, so here you have one of the thirty three Doctors of the Roman Catholic Church espousing a view of deviant sexuality that most people, including most Catholics, collared or not, would condemn as homophobic hate speech.

Shall the Church retroactively excommunicate Peter Damian? Condemn his words as recently discovered heresy?

Why not? He espouses a view that has long been discarded by the present crew. If one were to quote aloud and without attribution Peter Damian's words in the hearing of our present pope, what would be his reaction to the words of a properly honored Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church? What would be the reaction of the typical bishop? The typical parish priest?

You know the answer perfectly well: they would regard it as a matter for the confessional.

And its not just the issue of deviant sexuality wherein can be seen a continental drift of the Catholic Church from its innermost magisterial moorings. There are any number of lesser issues on which one pope may differ with an established precedent and change a long standing policy. But here we are talking about gravely spiritual matters, behavior which brings damnation down upon souls who commit such atrocities, and which pollutes the souls of those who equivocate about it, and who coddle the guilty.

And in such issues we see the actual, real world, "street level" result of what is peddled in "Dei Verbum" as "a GROWTH [emph. Ralph] in the understanding of the realities and the words which have been handed down."

Pertinacious Papist said...

Don't confuse us with the facts, Ralph. Our heads may explode.

Anonymous said...

congregation of the servants of the paraclete

google it

The church has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the sex crimes committed by queer clergy. the church knew what was going on...

it remains a satanic scandal of immeasureable size and while the modern church spent decades apologising for the putatuive crimes of long dead catholics, they let these evil bastids run amock amongst the innocent sheep and not one of the bishops spent a second in the slammer where the innmates know how to deal with sexual deviants

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