Friday, January 09, 2015

"How My Parish Youth Group Helped Me Leave the Catholic Faith"

Jennifer Fitz (Patheos, January 8, 2015):
How do you really get kids to leave the faith and commit mortal sins? Our parish used the “everything’s fine” method:
  • Run an active youth group with lots of activities and good attendance.
  • Make sure your leaders are real friendly and well-meaning.
  • Teach enough of the faith that everyone is sure the kids are getting good Christian formation.
Then you have to do a few things ... Read more >>

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JM said...


"My new Baptist friends were all gung ho to recruit me, but it didn’t take. I couldn’t defend the Catholic faith, but I was still a patriot, and knew I didn’t like all this Jesus talk. We never used all this Jesus talk back home at the parish, so surely it wasn’t Catholic, right?