Thursday, August 08, 2013

Post-WYD fact: at current rates, Brazil's Catholics will be a minority by 2020

In 1980, Catholics made up 80% of Brazil's population; today they barely count 57%.

Forests of waving arms and screaming fans are not going to reverse the trend, and sometimes need a bucket of cold water thrown on them.

And if I hear "New Pentecost" or "New Springtime" again, I'm gonna puke.

Call me a wet blanket.


Anonymous said...


c matt said...

2012? DId you mean 2014 or some later date?

Pertinacious Papist said...

Sorry: 2020.

Clinton R. said...

They will not be a reversal in the declining numbers in the Church until the TLM is restored as the ordinary form of the Latin Rite. The Novus Ordo has only chased people away from the Church.

Tom Piatak said...

Of course, trends can and do change. And maybe, just maybe, World Youth Day will help change the trends in Brazil. I suspect this is what Benedict XVI hoped would be the outcome of World Youth Day when he selected Rio as the site.