Monday, August 26, 2013

"Now that we're all haters ..." (reframing the marriage debate)

Reframing the marriage debate is necessary in order to communicate to a brainwashed culture and salvage what we can. Brian Brown offers a helpful discussion in "Now That We're All Haters" (The Witherspoon Institute, August 19, 2013), focusing on the rolls played by emotion, narratives, stories, metaphors, and memes in the debate. Quite good.

The piece plays off an article by Nathan Hitchen, "You've Been Framed: A New Primer for the Marriage Debate" (John Jay Institute)

[Hat tip to Fr. Dan Jones]

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Win by losing strategies are part of the Action Plan:

Marriage advocates should highlight in vivid terms the place they want to move the country with their advocacy, suggesting that their opposition to redefining marriage is in service to a larger positive vision that includes all, including gay, Americans.

Well, that is sure not a tactical surrender, is it?

On the other hand, John Jay was a world-class Catholic hater.