Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A problem: WYD - Holy Communion from disposable plastic cups at Mega-Mass

Fr. Zuhlsdorf asks how can Holy Communion be "distributed to so many in any way that even slightly resembles “reverent”? He continues:
What signal do we send through this experience of Communion?

My solution would be, if Masses like this are necessary (and Popes seem to think they are) that there would be no distribution of Communion beyond the immediate ministers for Mass.

Now that I have that off my chest, here are some photos of distribution of Holy Communion during the last big mega-Mass in Rio during World Youth Day. I picked these up from the Italian blog Messa in latino (more there).

Disposable plastic cups, my friends. That’s what they used for distribution of Holy Communion. Disposable plastic cups.

Most non-Catholics, perhaps even most Catholics these days, will probably not 'get' what the problem is here. As Cardinal Newman once remarked about such matters, the historical data are there for anyone interesting in doing the spadework. Let anyone interested to the work. Why should I waste my time?


Prelates filled with the Holy Spirit? the Spirits? the Spirit of Vatican II?


Anonymous said...

what happened to the plastic cups? Were they collected and rinsed properly and the water disposed of properly after rinsing?

Were the cups still retained to insure that no particles of Our Lord's Body and Blood remained? were they checked by a Priest or Deacon?

In Mexico, on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, i Received Holy Communion from a Priest, with a Golden Chalice in the midst of a sea of people. Some Received, some didn't. Those who couldn't Receive, offered a Spiritual Communion. God bless. Plano, Texas

Noreen D said...

The whole idea of so many people distributing and receiving Holy Communion, the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, in this manner is ludicrous. How many sacrilegious acts were committed? If a Pope wants to have an audience with millions of young people, fine. Having a Mass and distributing millions of hosts is not.

JFM said...

The priesthood, as it is represented here, has jumped the shark. Doctrinal heterodoxy or arrested social development are the only two explanations.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Be SMART, Zuhlsdorf, we've got SO MUCH to lose!! Ixnay on the iticism-cray!! We got to preserve our momentous gains!! Let them flip the Hosts around like edible pogs, man, if that's what it takes!! Its all part of the New Covenant with Laughing Jesus Caricaturus, the Great Guy deity!!

Noreen D said...

No, thanks, Ralph. I'll take a pass.

Charles said...

Pig Latin, even! I know enough to know that's Pig Latin (I THINK!!), but I don't know that you're saying, really.

Edible pogs flipped around!! Wow! But come to think of it, it's no more crazy than the reality witnessed in the many images from Rio.