Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Catholic Tradition in France Prior to the SSPX (1958-76)

The following was sent to me by a reader from California who writes: "Today I stumbled on the best account of Catholic tradition that I have ever read. 20 pages entitled "A Fertile Soil: Catholic Tradition in France prior to the SSPX (1958-76)" (AngelusOnline, February, 2008)." This is an illuminating account of the state of the Church in France prior to the Second Vatican Council, which was very likely a microcosm of the Church universal in significant ways. Very much worth reading, for the reader who wishes to have as fully informed a view of recent Church history as possible.

[Hat tip to Sir A. Sistrom]


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Excellent post, Dr. Very helpful.

A.S. said...

The modernist elite who planned Vatican II for us could count on the habit of Catholic obedience to prevent any real resistance. There was only one exception and that was France. Yes, A Fertile Soil deals with the period before the Council even going back to the French Revolution. But the heart of the piece begins on page 13 under the title Catholic Resistance after the Council. Names like Fr. Louis Coache, Fr. Raymond Dulac, Fr. Noel Barbara, Fr. Guerard des Lauriers, Msgr. Ducaud-Bourget, Dom Gerard Calvet and Fr. Roger-Thomas Calmel spring to mind as the great heroes of my lifetime. For me they are the kin
of St. Edmund Campion and St. Margaret Clitherow. There is one Englishman among their number, Fr. Bryan Houghton who resigned his parish at the very moment the Mass was
taken away from us. The fruits of the French resistance and the justice of Benedict XVI have insured that the Catholic Mass will survive for our grandchildren.