Saturday, August 24, 2013

Creative sacrilege: "fun campaign" for women's ordination

From The National Schismatic Reporter, via Fr. Z: "I am not making this up: There’s a fun new campaign for women’s ordination!" (WDTPRS, August 24, 2013).


Elizabeth said...

I forced myself to watch the whole thing. Wow. Funny. Sad. Pathetic.

For what it's worth, which I'm sure is nothing, I took the liberty of sending an email to Women's Ordination suggesting to them that they might want to distance themselves from that video since it makes them look like fools (which they are but I didn't say that). I suggested that the video is actually an advertisement for the utter silliness and cluelessness of their "cause" and that the entire video seemed to me to be a parody instead of actually a serious attempt at something.

I closed by saying that they'd be in my prayers and assuring them that the Catholic Church awaits their conversion and return. Here's who I emailed: (Executive Director (Assistant Director) (the General Inbox for whomever reads it)

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Ultimately it is not about women's ordination. It is about discrediting the Church. Ridicule is a devastating weapon for that purpose, especially in a culture where homage is generally recognized as empty gesture, and iconoclasm as the new Common Sense. Look what ridicule did to nuns: it turned them into self-styled fertility goddesses specializing in social work and running off at the mouth.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Elizabeth. In trying to talk turkey to these cows (campaign for the ordination of women) you have wasted your time and you have just as much chance of receiving a sensible reply from them as you would have had of receiving a sensible reply were you to have mailed post cards to a herd of Guernsey Cow in hopes of finding one pen pal amongst them.

The worst thing to do to these clowns is to take then seriously; laugh at them.

I found the video damn amusing