Saturday, August 03, 2013

Mattei: smackdown on Franciscan TLMs mirrors general anarchy

"Roberto de Mattei: Franciscans of the Immaculata Models in Situation of Liturgical, Theological and Moral Anarchy" (The Eponymous Flower, July 31, 2013):
The "case" of the Franciscans of the Immaculata is a very serious episode, which is intended to have an effect in the Church that is maybe not anticipated by those who have set about to act imprudently.

As a reader who called my attention to this post observed, when one as sober as Mattei goes public criticizing the Pope, you know that the hasty liberal spin has hit the patient Catholic fan. Something like that.

[Hat tip to L.S.]

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

I just got back from a vacation in Maine (The dead Diocese of Portland which is the The Corpse of John Dominic Crossan's Christ rather than the Body of Christ) and during my vacation I read the Professor's eye-opening study of Vatican Two and it is now a book more marked-up than the arms of one of those behemoth sodomites one runs into in downtown Portland which is a city of madness and chaos that looks as though a painting of Bosch fell off the wall at a modern art gallery and landed on a velveteen rabit.

His study is devastating to both the modernists and their conservative enablers who compromised away the Faith out of a sense of loyalty to the Pope - the execrable Paul Vi whose uncountable acts of attacks on Tradition have been laid at the feet of Bugnini.

Don't buy it. It was the Pope who forced this crummy calvinistic service on us and his fingerprints are all over it. He was not a reluctant waffler who was worn out by indecision in the face of Bugninin's machinations. The Bug man was his bag boy who handed Paul the clubs to beat Tradition to death (see "Work of Human Hands," for further documentation of the facts).

In any event,read this book and feel the disgust and anger rising-up in you as you see just how it was Tradition was betrayed out of hatred of it on the part of the modernists and out of loyalty to the Pope by the conservatives.

If ten holy Fathers had walked-out of that damnable council and denounced its works, God would not have let the revolutionaries destroy His Church.

And make no mistake abouit it. It has been destroyed; it is largely invisibilium and the teeeny-tiny part of it that is visibilum is being trageted for destruction by Bergolio who makes no bones about the fact that he hates those "pelagians"who cling to the past.

For our Pope, the past is but superstition and darkness and the Gregorian rite is far too solemn and beautiful for he who tells others to make noise and who puts a beach ball on an Altar.

Just wait until he begins to replace the Pallium with a hollowed-out pumpkin that he had one of the wiccans in the LCWR (Lunatc Coven of Wiccans and Retards) carve a smiley face into and when he puts it on the head of some Archbishop,all will swoon aboout Franics' humility and dignity and connection with the poor blah blah damnable blah